Garage Floor Alternatives

So much more than a parking space.

More and more homeowners are coming to realize that their garage offers 200-800 square feet of livable space that is currently being under utilized. Whether a place to hobby, a playroom for the kids, home business office, or man cave, the proper, long lasting, decorative, and budget minded decision about flooring is where Your Concrete Guy comes in.

Certainly we offer the normal options for your garage floor using only the finest epoxies and polyurethanes available.

self leveling concrete overlay, overlayment

For instance the chip systems are very popular and allow for your own design and color ideas. We offer unlimited chip possibilities. To play with your own design visit

We also offer clean and fresh budget sealers and coatings properly installed for long lasting function.

What we are most proud of is our development of alternative decorative options for your garage that range from stained concrete resembling your neighborhood coffee shop to dazzling epoxy effects that can be simple or complex. The range of options and colors for your concrete garage floors are virtually unlimited. One example is the boss’ man cave. For his floor we used the Dazzle system from Westcoat Coatings.

See the Boss’ Man Cave here >>

Whatever your needs when it comes to garage floors – from weekend mechanic to billiards room host – Your Concrete Guy can help translate your ideas into so much more than storage and parking.

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