Basement Concrete Floors in Portland

Decorative Concrete Floors

I pioneered up and coming Decorative Concrete systems as an option for Oregon basement concrete floors over 20 years ago. I venture to say that I have worked on more Oregon basement concrete floors than all the other companies combined. I know Oregon basements.

But you will never hear me say: “I have seen it all”. From deep buried oil tanks in the Hawthorne District seeping into the sealer, to actual spouts of water coming up in the Northwest Hills, to pet stains from the previous owners Fido. Some new twist when it comes to any Oregon basement concrete slab is always possible. Experience and expertise is important.

Industrial Chic

Depending on the condition of your slab and your own personal preferences, I can usually do a grind/stain/seal of your existing slab. Often there will be cosmetic imperfections that with the addition of translucent stain color can end up looking classic. Here is a Concrete Stain Color Chart:

>>Concrete Stain Color Chart<<

I like to tell my customers that “Stain turns imperfections into character.”*.

*I always do sampling on your floor prior to finish.

Slab too ugly to finish

It happens sometimes, after the grinding is complete and often two or three levels of paint or glue have been removed, the slab just does not fit into the realm of cosmetically pleasing. (Too much “Industrial” not enough “Chic”) I have developed options, using state of the art processes, that can improve the look with little additional cost.

Cementitious Overlays and Levelers

If you desire a newer looking basement floor I can install a polymer cement overlay which will give you a Venetian Plaster kind of variegated look. This product does not level.

If you desire leveling the other option is a brand new Engineered Concrete Floor using leveling cement. This floor fills in low spots and adds sealed or even polished with aggregate reveal.

Sometimes the above two systems can be utilized togheter to give you a fairly level more cost effective floor.

Overlay and levelers do not have a good reputation because of them not lasting and lifting off the surface.

This is not about the product. It is about poor installation techniques. Today’s moderns engineered cements are extremely tough and durable when installed properly.

Polished Concrete

There is a lot of misinformation in regards to polished concrete. Actual polished concrete requires a smooth plain and ascending grits of diamonds on a very heavy machine to polish the concrete like rock. Without pouring a new self leveled engineered floor it is not situable option for most Oregon basement floors. In addition I do not recommend Polished Concrete in residential settings. The thin sealer that is used after polishing is easily stained by normal household items and costly to fix. If you have any doubts go to any Fred Meyer and look at the floor in the baking isle, soda isle, wine isle.

I use state of the art VOC friendly industrial sealers to give concrete a “polished” look. Go ahead and have your basement party! No stains.

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