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Systems and Pricing

Although there are many variables when pricing Decorative Concrete Systems, the following price list will give a very accurate estimate of what you can expect to pay. I do not like to ask for change orders because it indicates a failure in my estimating skills. You can be assured of thorough, honest, and accurate bidding.

Single pass grind / patch / stain / seal:

The surfase will be detailed with diamond grinding equipment. Major cracks and divots are filled and sanded. Color samples are prepared on site. Surface is stained to specification and sealed with 2 coats industrial sealer.

$6.00 to $7.50 per sq. depending on slab condition

New Polymer Cement Overlay: (does not level)

The surface is profiled and major variations corrected. A stain blocking epoxy/sand base is then installed. Approximately 5/8” of polymer cement is installed/sanded. Translucent stain to spec. Sealed with 2 coats Industrial Sealer.

$9.00 to $11.00 per sq. depending on slab condition

Self-Leveling Concrete Overlay:

An engineered cement is installed after proper profiling and priming. It adds about 5/8” of height while filling in low areas and giving you a new level concrete surface to finish with stain and sealer.

$12.50 sq. ft. (possible-at-cost- material upcharge for floors that need additional leveling)

Diamond Polished Concrete:

Very variable and often not possible on older slabs. Call to discuss possibilities and pricing.

Epoxy, Poly Vinyl Chip Systems: (Let's discuss why 1 day garage floor installs are problematic)

Properly profile and prime. Install vinyl chip system in your color combo selection using the finest Industrial Epoxies and Polyaspartics.

Partial Broadcast $7.00 sq. ft. Full Boradcast $8.00 sq. ft.

*Please note: Because of the processes, time, and visits involved for the above systems, I have a $2,800 minimum.

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