Polished Concrete Maintenance

Surprisingly, honed and polished concrete, while made strong and beautiful through successive polish passes with heavy polishing machines, is normally finished off with the application of a very thin sealer/densifier called a “topical guard” that is not as strong as basic concreter sealers and with some abuse can become not so beautiful. Walk through any grocery store that has polished concrete and observe how vinegar, wine, and soda spills can mar the surface.

polished concrete floors

We have the expertise to repair problems that might have occurred on your floor over time including stain removal and diamond burnishing. On older or more highly trafficked polished concrete floors we offer a state-of-the-art restorative option that can take concrete in varying levels of wear and tear and make it better than new. This involves a unique honing and densifying process that hardens existing slabs and polishes to restore gloss levels. With proper cleaning and maintenance this new technology can last much longer than your original polished concrete.

In older polished concrete traffic patterns and overall dulling can develop and areas with more exposure can dull and stain more rapidly. Unlike sealed concrete the only way to repair polished concrete to to re-hone, re-polish and oftentimes reseal/densify the surface. Your Concrete Guy has the tools, diamond bits, both metals and resins, and state of the art penetrating sealers that are better equipped to deal with the spills of everyday life or your retail or commercial establishment. Our crews are well trained to handle the necessary polishing repair, refinishing, and maintenance with often little disruption to your operation.

Before our work:

polished concrete floors - repair and maintenance polished concrete

Our expertise and services extend to your one time industrial or residential maintenance requirements to an established service and maintenance schedule for your commercial operation. Please call us today to schedule a free analysis of your polished concrete maintenance and repair needs and give us the opportunity to provide you with options for keeping your floor looking beautiful.

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