Restaurant and industrial kitchens

Decorative Concrete Floor Coatings

Floors play a surprisingly large role within the food service industry. They are expected to perform under pressure as they support heavy equipment in the kitchen, a large amount of foot traffic, and possibly extreme changes in temperature, all while staying sanitary.

Maintaining a clean food & beverage area, while adhering to local, state and federal regulations, can be extremely difficult, and much more so for a large, industrial food processing plant floors. When protective resinous coatings are applied to the concrete, this task becomes much more feasible. These food service flooring systems create one continuous floor, in which there are no cracks or crevices where debris, mold and mildew can hide.

Restaurants and Commercial Kitchen, Concrete service, kitchen epoxy flooring

Restaurants need flooring specifically for their kitchens that protects the health of their patrons.With the right commercial restaurant kitchen flooring your can increase the pride your employees have in their workplace, as well as, increase customer perceptions and potentially increase property values.

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