Garage floors

There are two possible options we recommend for garage floors, depending upon the purpose of the space:

1. An industrial epoxy floor designed for garage floors. This is designed to hold up for many years and withstand gasoline, oil, chemicals, etc. — you can count on lifetime service. You can choose the more cost effective option of having a decorative broadcast of vinyl chips or you can choose a total broadcast and have the look of total chips. To further explain the unlimited array of chips available, and to view photographs, please visit t his site:

2. If your garage is more than a garage, like many families, and more of a warmer “living space” surface is what you desire, you might want to consider a rapidly growing popular option that we pioneered. By using industrial sealer made to withstand all the rigors of hot tire marks, gasoline, oil, etc. we are able to create a garage floor that is decoratively stained (colored concrete) and visually appealing. This type of flooring is much like what you see in restaurants, coffee shops, etc. No two are alike.

Detail of decorative concrete vinyl chip system (Available in an array of colors)

decorative concrete chip system

When it comes to garage floors, colors and textures, the possibilities are endless. With this in mind it is important to remember that we like to get our clients involved in the process. Decorative concrete is an art form on a sometimes unpredictable surface. Each client has different tastes and expectations. Samples are always prepared (of stained concrete) and your ideas and visions are incorporated until we find a look you desire within the realm of what is possible.

Your Concrete Guy maintains a small staff of well trained professionals that consistently receive high marks for friendliness, efficiency and cleanliness. We love to create unique and classic floors.