Epoxy Flooring

The entire spectrum of what has been called epoxy flooring in the past has now expanded with such great strides in both strength, versatility, and decorative options that this category would be better named “Specialty Coatings” or “Amazing Options!”

From standard epoxy coatings in a myriad of colors to the vinyl flake systems popular in garages and other industrial chic environments. The new two part epoxy metallic systems can be manipulated to create amazing and unique looks. Color quartz can be added for your pool deck or locker room. Aluminum oxide or silica for your restroom.

Beyond the epoxies our use of the new generation polyurethanes and polyaspartics has increased dramatically in the past few years. With these durable and fast curing products we can transform the floor in your busy restaurant, industrial kitchen, convenience store, or any time or chemical sensitive application, often in 1 night.

For your residential applications we are experts to using these modern coatings in your musty basement, fancy garage, kid’s playroom, indoor patio, or exterior pool deck.

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Commercial & Residential Epoxy Floor Coating

Modern advances in epoxy-based flooring systems have made them the application of choice for areas where a durable, slip resistant, chemically resistant floor is necessary.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings provide long life with extreme hardness and decorative touches, This floor coating looks great in an industrial warehouse, a restaurant, a kitchen, a garage, a laundry room, or a basement.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy creates a long-lasting luster, but the story doesn’t end there. We can add sand, glass and quartz to create the perfect epoxy floor for you. Your Concrete Guy artisans can handle your project, large or small.

industrial coatings installation, liquid concrete Click on the photos below to enlarge: Showroom Epoxy and Residential Epoxy Floors
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