Polished Concrete

Decorative Concrete Polishing

In conversations with our clients, we have discovered many misconceptions regarding polished concrete. For example, most folks think that all smooth, shiny, decorative concrete is polished.

Let us explain the difference:

Polished Concrete Floors

Polishing is the top-of-the-line process involving the use of heavy machinery and a succession of varied grit industrial diamond sanding discs.

polished industrial concrete floor

When finished, concrete looks like polished rock. Amazingly, it feels as smooth as glass. With the addition of an unlimited color palate of stains and dyes, you can achieve any look you can imagine – and polish it to perfection. Many modern high-end commercial and residential projects have incorporated polished concrete into their designs, but you don’t have to move out of your 1920s craftsman to get this result. We have both the equipment and know-how to provide such beauty in a floor that will outlive any floor of a comparable price.

Polished with Acrylic Sealers & Epoxies

The budget-minded needn’t forgo that coveted polished look. A majority of decorated concrete jobs are “polished” with acrylic sealers, epoxies or other products that create a beautiful shine. These processes are more affordable and conducive to long-term maintenance. Discuss your budget and your dreams with a Your Concrete Guy representative, who is trained to help you determine which process fits into your desires.

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