Stenciling Concrete Floors & Walls

Concrete stenciling, much like concrete stamping, allows us to create newly poured or overlaid concrete into patterns that are limited only by your imagination, from the traditional to the avant-garde. Brick, cobblestone, flagstone, herringbone, and river rock are only a sample of what we can create. This technique can be used on floors, walls, patios, bathrooms, kitchens, or walkways.

Concrete Floor Stenciling

We prefer stenciling to stamping because stencils look more realistic and beautiful. In addition, stenciling is not limited to specific patterns. We can stencil anything, from your company logo at your store entrance to your family crest in the vestibule. Your imagination is your only limitation.

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Full Wall Stenciling

Basement walls can be stenciled to look like old brick and the floors can be etched to create an unbelievably beautiful d├Ęcor. The possibilities are endless.

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