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Industrial chic at the Convention Center

location of Oregon’s Finest Cannabis

The biggest challenge I have faced when transforming old concrete slabs into classic decorative concrete floors is mind-melding with the customer as to what they are hoping for and what is possible based on the age and condition of their slab. It is important to keep in mind that slab conditions vary in age, condition, and treatment over the years. Each customer has their own idea as to what they would like and it is my job to determine what is possible.

If a slab has been painted several times there is likely to be paint tailings in slab divots or irregularities after the grinding is complete. Depending on the severity of the left over tailings, as well as your own taste, the floor can be cosmetically pleasing without the expense of concrete overlays or self leveling cement.

Case in point is the new Convention Center location of
Oregon’s Finest Cannabis. The floor in this building was in bad shape. Several coats of paint, mastic from tile, poorly laid large patches, and many cracks and divots.

I explained to the owners that there floor was going to be cosmetically challenged and very “Industrial.” That is exactly what they wanted!



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