Radiant heat flooring

Electric radiant heat systems

We can put a radiant heated floor just about anywhere in your house. Imagine a warm toasty decorative concrete floor in your bathroom laundry room or basement. Modern technology and our use of the finest concrete polymer products allow us to create a beautiful, sustainable, eco-friendly flooring option in your home or business.

Radiant heat flooring, Under floor heating, Electric radiant heat systems

In the past your only option with radiant heat in a concrete floor was to have it included in the slab in the form of water piping. This proves to be expensive and actually imopossible on already existing concrete, plywood, or tile. Today, using Ditra (TM) membrane, your electrician (and DIY ability), and our expertise with decorative concrete options, you can have a radiant heated floor with an unlimited combination of decorative options.

Radiant heat in your polished concrete floor.

Radiant heat in your metallic epoxy floor.

Radiant heat in your stained and sealed floor.

Over concrete, plywood, and other sub-flooring. Call us today to discuss the possibilities.

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