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Remedying Basement Pet Stains and Smells

Nothing can be more frustrating than removing pet stains and odors from basement concrete floors. Often the problem has existed for many years or even several owners. Sometimes it does not become apparent until old carpet has been removed from the basement concrete floor. 

When trying to refinish the concrete floor these stains can cause the sealers to lift and even prevent the desired concrete colored stain from properly reacting to the slab. Not to mention the smells which can often be overwhelming and so deeply ingrained in the concrete that they can linger for many years after a new floor is installed.

When I encounter pet stains and odors the first thing I do is thoroughly flush the floor with a strong enzyme which neutralizes the acid. Then a single pass diamond grind is performed paying special attention to any noticeable pet stains. If necessary a second enzyme flush is performed after the grinding. This usually will properly prepare the concrete floor to be stained with the Endurable Concrete translucent stains and then sealed.

Sometimes the stains are so old and deep that even though the odor and bond-breaking properties of the pet stain have been removed, they are still cosmetically apparent and will not allow for a decoratively stained basement floor that is acceptable to you or I.

Don’t worry. When this happens I have developed other options that will allow us to create a beautiful floor despite Fido. For example, after all prep is done and patching performed, we can coat the floor with a solid color concrete sealer that gives you a clean and crisp concrete floor and cosmetically hides the imperfections. My Industrial Paint connections allow us to get an Industrial Grade Concrete Sealer in virtually any color you desire. We are not talking about paint here. Concrete sealer has different properties that make it bond to the concrete and look integral. I have over the years and with the help of my customers designed a couple of very popular concrete sealer colors that can mimic the look of brand new concrete.



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